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DealBook is the largest cooperation network that connects producers of the best products with investors, contractors and architects. It appears on the market under numerous brands and names.

Step 1: Request for quotation

Sending a request for quotation with attachments (in various formats, e.g. .dwg, .pdf, .doc, .xls, .zip, etc.).

Step 2: Analysis

Analysis and forwarding of queries to industry specialists. It even up to several thousand queries to our partners in order to obtain the best offer.

Step 3: Choosing a DealBook

Feedback from our partners. The most advantageous offer in terms of quality and price goes to DealBook.

Step 4: Implementation

Receiving a ready solution and its implementation from DealBook.

Green areas

  • modern garden architecture and establishment of green areas,
  • design and sale of products with workmanship.

DealBook will provide you with the best products, designers and contractors. You will create with us modern modern garden architecture tailored to your requirements.

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Energy zone

  • selection of design and building materials for independent houses,
  • heat pumps,
  • recuperation,
  • photovoltaics,
  • flat roofs,
  • specialists in the construction and energy industries.

We will make it easier for you to choose a project, take care of the right architects and specialists, and products that will help you build a functional, modern and energy-saving house at the optimal price.

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  • selection of design and building materials for large investments,
  • specialist materials,
  • performance services.

DealBook experts will ensure that the implementation of large investments runs smoothly, using the best quality materials and services.

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  • urgent investments,
  • fastest order fulfillment.

When the time depends, use the DealBook Express option. Thanks to it, we will shorten the execution of your orders to the absolute minimum.

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  • searching for external funds and co-financing,
  • cooperation with sponsors and institutions.

Sport means many sacrifices, but also hard and consistent work. It is also finance and an action plan. With DealBook, you’ll take a step in the search for additional funds for your business.

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  • dedicated software,
  • mobile and gaming applications,
  • IT service
  • offer configurators.

Implementing dedicated IT projects and digitizing company processes.

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Release – Summer 2020


Release – Summer 2020


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